About Us

About Us

Teddy AI has been developed by Otermans Institute, an international organisation based in London, focusing on research and developing affordable educational tools for a global audience using Artificial Intelligence (AI). We are committed to democratising education through Artificial Intelligence, upskilling learners globally, no matter their gender, citizenship, or disability.We often work closely with governments including in the UK, NGOs and UN bodies.

The Teddy AI team is made up of some of the brightest minds in education and technology.
We are passionate about creating products that make a real difference in children's lives.

Our Team

Dr. Pauldy

Dr Pauldy Otermans

Academic, Researcher and HE Leader

One of 22 most influential women of the UK in 2022 by Startup Magazine. Pauldy was awarded as a ‘Leader in technology’ by UK Business Awards 2023. She was awarded Inspirational Womxn of the Industry (tech) 2022 and has a Neuroscience & Psychology PhD. She is an education expert with a focus to innovate AI in education solutions. Her pedagogy and curriculum work has been used in 13 countries, for UK universities and to service UK government contracts.

Dev Aditya

Dev Aditya

Global Under 30 - Innovator & Entrepreneur

Dev is an AI expert with research experience at The Alan Turing Institute and Brunel University London. He was named a Global Young Innovator by Innovate UK (UK's highest Innovation body) for his work in AI. He was also a Mint Under 30 entrepreneur and is the AI architect of OIAI. He has also taught learners in 9+ markets and was awarded by the UK Prime Minister for work in digital education in 2021.

The vibrant Teddy AI team

Teddy AI is more than just an app; it's a mission to empower children with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in an ever-changing world. We believe that every child deserves access to quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances. That's why we created Teddy AI, a personalised learning study buddy that makes learning fun, engaging, and effective.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning fun, engaging, and effective for all children, using AI technology. We believe that every child has the potential to achieve great things, and we are committed to providing them with the tools they need to reach their full potential.


Our Values

We are guided by a set of core values that underpin everything we do:

  • Child-centered: We believe that children should always come first.
  • Innovation: We are constantly innovating to find new ways to make learning better.
  • Accessibility: We are committed to making our products accessible to all children, regardless of their background or circumstances.
  • Fun: We believe that learning should be fun!

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If you are someone who is passionate about AI technology, and you want to help creating the cutest and friendly study buddy for children, we would love to hear from you!

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+44 1895 266 341

Teddy AI Ltd, 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ