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Latest News

Here you can find out about all the latest and greatest things happening with Teddy AI. We'll be posting updates on new releases, features, and events, as well as sharing success stories and tips for using Teddy AI to its fullest potential.

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Meet Teddy AI

Our friendly study buddy Teddy is taking his talents to the next level and learning how to sing. With his determination and sunny disposition, we know he'll be a star in no time! 🎤

We can't wait to hear Teddy's beautiful voice fill the app with joy and inspiration. Stay tuned for more updates on his musical journey!


New Friends, New Adventure

Welcome Dora and Bobo, Teddy's newest best friends! Embark on captivating adventures with this lovable trio as they bring friendship, fun, and support to you and your children. Prepare to be charmed by their irresistible enthusiasm and endearing companionship. Dora and Bobo are eager to join Teddy in creating unforgettable memories with you!

Should Phones be banned at schools?


In today's technology-driven world, mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, their pervasive presence has also raised concerns about their impact on various aspects of our lives, including education. The debate over whether or not mobile phones should be banned in schools has been ongoing for years, with strong arguments on both sides. Hear from Dr Pauldy Otermans and let us know your opinion!

Introducing Guardian Dashboard


We're delighted to introduce the Teddy AI Guardian Dashboard, a revolutionary feature that empowers guardian to actively participate in their children's learning journey through the Teddy AI app.

With the Guardian Dashboard, you can effortlessly create personalised learning plans for your children, tailoring their educational experience to their unique requirements and interests. Simply select from a vast array of age-appropriate topics and skills, and Teddy will handle the rest, guiding your children through engaging and interactive lessons.

The Guardian Dashboard provides you with real-time insights into your children's progress, enabling you to track their accomplishments and identify areas that might require further attention. This valuable feedback empowers you to collaborate with Teddy to further personalise your child's learning plan, ensuring they receive the optimal educational support.

As your children embark on their learning adventures with Teddy, the Guardian Dashboard serves as a central hub, keeping you informed and connected throughout their journey. Receive notifications about milestones achieved, access detailed progress reports, and provide Teddy with valuable feedback to enhance your child's learning experience.

Together, the Teddy AI Guardian Dashboard and our beloved Teddy AI companion offer a powerful tool for nurturing your children's curiosity, fostering their love of learning, and laying the foundation for their future success.

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